Officially halfway through my stims!

Whether I am on my stimming meds (injections) for 10 or 12 days, I am already halfway done! Today was day 6, and I’ve already done my injection for the night. I had an appointment on Saturday for my first check up since starting my injections, the appointment involves doing an ultrasound of my uterus (to check the thickness of the lining), and my ovaries (to check the status of my follicles).

I was SO NERVOUS for the appointment, because I was so afraid that I didn’t have enough follicles (each follicle contains an egg), or that I was over stimulating. One of the biggest risks to being on these meds is OHSS, or ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. This is a condition where the ovaries become enlarged, swollen, and painful. It can cause fluid retention leading to rapid weight gain, and shortness of breath. It is extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant, and it could put off an IVF cycle for a few months.

Fortunately, I had lots of follicles (between 20 and 25) and the doctor said I was responding to the meds “quite nicely.” They all measured between 4mm and 6mm, and the doctor told me he wanted me to go back to the office on Monday so they could keep a close watch. So today I went back in, and now my follicles are measuring between 6mm and 10mm. My doctor is very pleased and says I am right on track, and he’s keeping my dosages the same. Tomorrow I am starting ganorelix injections in the morning which will prevent ovulation from happening before the follicles are mature and ready. My next appointment is on Thursday where I will be monitored again.

So how am I feeling? I am feeling excited since everything is going according to plan. I have been having some hot flashes, but I haven’t been having many mood swings which is good. Bloating is starting to kick in, though, and that is only expected to get worse within the next 2 weeks.

it will all be worth it though, as long as it leads to a sweet little baby 🙂

My IVF cycle has officially begun!

Yesterday was the “official” start of my IVF cycle. Since January, I have been going to an infertility clinic in Daytona Beach to prepare for in vitro. I have had lots of testing done to make sure my body is ready, and after a few bumps in the road (I had a stupid polyp that needed to be removed, ugh!) I am back on track. Yesterday was the start of my injectable meds which will help my follicles mature rapidly, and at an even pace. This way, around the 14th of this month, they will be able to retrieve eggs that can then be fertilized. Doesn’t that sound so ridiculous? I guess there is no glamorous way to put it!


Here is a picture of my current medications.


And this is me yesterday, on day one of injections… Very anxious and nervous. Finally I worked up the courage and did it! The anticipation of shots are always worse than the actual shots themselves.

So far my only side effects haven’t been too bad, just hot flashes. I had two nasty hot flashes earlier today and I felt like my skin was going to melt right off of my body… It’s not a very pleasant feeling, but it is only a small price to pay if it leads me to a sweet little baby.


Lastly, I will leave you with a picture of me today after doing my day two injection. I was feeling determined and empowered with my WWDD? T-shirt 🙂 



Stay tuned for future posts within the next few days! The purpose of this blog is so I can look back and reflect on this journey, and so that I can document everything that I experience along the way.

An introduction to something BIG!

As I sit here chewing on my prenatal gummies, winding down from my latest hormone injection, I think about what has brought me to the biggest, most important, scary and special journey of my life; My journey to motherhood.

Hold on, hold on… Let me start at the TRUE beginning. 

Now it really began when I first met Dennis. As cliché as it sounds, we fell in love, got married, and we had a life plan. I was going to finish nursing school, and he was going to become a counselor for people who had been affected, in any way, by the monster that is cancer. This plan included staying in Florida to be close to both of our families, and this plan most importantly included children. If we had a boy, his name would be Dennis Jr… and if it were a girl, her name would be Layla Bell. Few of these things happened, I never finished nursing school and Dennis never got the chance to be a counselor.

Eventually, cancer ended Dennis’s life, but it didn’t end our dream of having a family or the love that we shared. When we found out that Dennis needed chemo, and that it would prevent him from having children, we made plans so that we could have children in the future through IVF – in vitro fertilization. And that, my friends, is how I got here. This is how i find myself right in the middle of an IVF cycle. I always knew I would have our children, I was just waiting until I felt ready enough to embark on this adventure alone. Becoming a parent is a huge deal, and I wanted to make sure that I could do it. The more I began to think about it, the more I realized that I am not alone. Not only do I have an overwhelming feeling that Dennis is still taking care of me through the opportunities that he has given me, but I have the most amazing family and friends supporting me. One of the greatest pieces of advice I’ve been given is that ‘raising a child takes a village,’ I just have to be willing to accept help from the people that love me and Dennis most. I can’t think of a better way to live my life now than to have a little piece of Dennis here with me, and to know that something so beautiful and precious came from our love and time together. If our child is even just half the person that their Dad was, I truly believe they can change the world. Dennis lives in the stories we tell of him, in the memories that his friends and family have. He lives in the smile of his Mom, and the mannerisms of his Dad. He lives in his brother’s humor, and the intelligence and passion of his sisters. He lives in the the beating of my heart, in every crevice of my mind, and in the entirety of my soul.


Soon he will live on through our child.