The IVF Worry

Unicorns and Baby Dust

Every woman who has gone through IVF will understand and appreciate the level of worry I’m trying to describe. And this is what we experience all before we are pregnant.

Here is a breakdown of the IVF worry I’ve experienced so far:

1. Worry if we can afford IVF?
2. Worry how much the medication will cost?
3. Worry about being home to accept medication. And when it arrived I almost passed out from shock. How much freakin medication am I going to take?
4. Worry about baseline ultrasounds and that nothing blocks a cycle from starting.
5. Worry that all the needles I’m sticking in me are creating enough good quality eggs.
6. Worry that I’m mixing this shit right.
7. Worry that the vein I hit while giving myself injections could have punctured something important.
8. Worry that my veins in my elbow will create too much scar…

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