Yesterday was THE DAY!

Yesterday was my embryo transfer… Holy moly, can you believe it? The day has finally come and gone, I have been waiting on this since JANUARY! We only transferred one embryo because my doctor said it was advanced and looked very strong. I am nervous about doing only one, but I trust my doctor. My beta test to check if I am pregnant is on the 27th, and in the meantime I am thinking positive thoughts to try and encourage the little one to implant!

And now the wait begins.

I am trying to think of things to so to stay occupied. I think I am going to download some books, watch lots of Netflix, and just try to take it easy but it’s so hard when you’re waiting to find out something that is so important to you. Any suggestions on how to stay busy and calm?

Here is a picture of my first ultrasound! This was taken right after the transfer… The white area is where the embryo is. You can’t actually see the embryo, you’re only seeing the fluid that contains the embryo, but I know it’s in there and that’s what counts 😍.


Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me, even if it’s just for me to survive the next 9 days of waiting! Haha!

8 thoughts on “Yesterday was THE DAY!

  1. Hi, I’m also trying to conceive and although I already have a 4 year old we are trying to our second and this month [being the first] it didnt happen but hopefully next month! I hope everything works out for you! BABY DUST SENT TO YOU!! πŸ™‚

  2. I am hoping you get your positive test on the 27th and congrats on making it thru the whole process !! Netflix is the best at passing time that’s my favorite if you need any suggestions on shows let me know !! πŸ™‚

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