The news I’ve been anxiously waiting for…

I got the call today from my doctor to go over how many eggs were mature and fertilized.

Of my 20 eggs, 19 were mature.
Of those 19 eggs, 18 fertilized.
Of the 18 fertilized, 17 continued to grow at the rate they should.

My facility grades the embryos on a scale of 1-4… 1 being absolutely perfect, and 4 being poor. The doctor said usually the embryos fall somewhere in the 2/3 range, and that 1’s are very rare due to the stringency of their grading. I have 9 embryos that are grade 2, and 8 embryos that are grade 3. My doctor assures me that this is great news, and that grade 2 embryos are awesome. Even grade 3 embryos can grow to become a perfectly healthy baby.

So there you have it, I have 17 embryos and my transfer is scheduled for this Saturday, the 17th. My doctor said he will give his recommendation on Saturday on whether we should transfer 1 or 2 embryos, depending upon how they look.

Color me excited!

9 thoughts on “The news I’ve been anxiously waiting for…

  1. I read your updates and I cry every time I read them. It is tears of happiness for you though. You are an amazing woman!

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